Update to my Navigator CGM replacement

abbott-logoThe BIGGEST reason why I stick with Abbott Diabetes Care and support them in everything they do is the absolute exemplary customer support and service they give to their customers / patients.

I called Abbott yesterday up and explained that my Navigator screen was damaged, the LCD ink had leaked out but there was no crack to the screen that I could see and no exterior damage.  Truthfully I still do not know what happened although Jonathan at Abbott did say that most of the screen damage calls they receive are from exterior damage where the screen has had pressure applied to it.

I have to say working in the tech industry for 20 years that most companies would not choose to honour a replacement under any kind of warranty but again Abbott pull through and agreed to send out a next-day couriered replacement free of charge.

I cannot speak highly enough of Abbot Diabetes Care, Abbott and their UK team of customer service agents really do come through for PWD (People With Diabetes).  Just to detail the problems I have had, and although most are not entirely my fault, Abbott have replaced free of charge always at their expense and even with couriers.

1. Transmitter kept giving sensor errors, transmitter replaced free under warranty no quibble.

2. Numerous sensors replaced free of charge when I was having sensor errors, I believe I’ve had 4 or 5 replaced free, each one would have cost £40 plus next day courier but all was free.

3. Receiver AAA battery connector came unsoldered from the circuit board, replaced free under warranty no quibble.

4. Every time a receiver or transmitter is replaced a free sensor worth £40 is supplied free of charge

5. Every time anything is replaced it is always sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery next day free of charge

6. Numerous free batteries received although I understand this will now stop due to the terms and policies of Royal Mail not permitting Lithium batteries to be sent via the postal service.

If anyone is thinking about a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) I can whole-heartedly recommend Abbott Diabetes Care for both their customer service and determination to bend over and support their customers any which way they can.

I would also like to give a big shout out to Jonathan, Rachael, Ben and Nicky who have always been pleasant to talk with and always done whatever they can to support me and their product.

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