FreeStyle Navigator II pricing in the UK

FreeStyle Navigator III thought it was worth mentioning the Abbot FreeStyle Navigator pricing in the UK.

  • £450 for the Receiver (2 year warranty)
  • £500 for the Transmitter (1 year warranty) suggestion is it lasts for 1-1.5 years.

Based on the above pricing here’s what I’ve worked out the per daily, weekly and monthly cost to be.

  • 5 day wear = £10 per day / £70 per week / £304 per month
  • 10 day wear = £6 per day / £42 per week / £182.50 per month
  • 15 day wear = £4.66 per day / £32.70 per week / £141 per month

Bearing in mind that the sensors are only good for 5 day wear, but if you treat them well, add more tape on day 5 then I have regularly managed to achieve a 10 day wear on the last 3 sensors and a 15 day wear on the latest sensor before I made the decision to take it out.  Also the above costs take into consideration that you are going to use the receiver for the full warranty period of 2 years and the transmitter for 1 year before replacing the transmitter.

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5 Responses to FreeStyle Navigator II pricing in the UK

  1. Sarah G says:

    Unless the transmitter is much smaller than before, the Dexcom G4 beats this for us hands down. I LOVED the data from the Nav, but the transmitter was ridiculously large and never stayed on her past a day or two unless I ace bandaged it around her little 6 year old arm. Ugh. The G4 now has the same type of accuracy and data as the old Nav, with a much smaller and better sticking transmitter. Interested to see if the new Nav has better transmitter size/adhesive.

    • Dave says:

      Bi Sarah, the new transmitter on the Navigator II is about half the size as the old Navigator 1.5 version so it’s a lot smaller. I believe the adhesive was improved about a year ago as I don’t get any problems on the Navigator 1.5 with it not sticking. I’ve just had a 15 day sensor wear and it was still sticking very well to arm, I just decided to pull out the sensor to check to see if there was any infection.

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  3. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    I have the FreeStyle Navigator II, and I would like to continue wearing the sensors past the 5 days but the receiver doesn’t let me connect to an old sensor.
    Is that something you know how to bypass?


    • DiabetesCGM says:

      Hi John, I don’t know about the FreeStyle Navigator II as I have the 1.5, but with the 1.5 when your sensor goes end of life (5 days) or if you end it sooner, what you have to do is go into the receiver and go into the menu and select to REMOVE SENSOR just like you would before inserting a new sensor. Once you’ve done this, you may want to add some tape around your transmitter tray ideally on top of the tape to make it secure but don’t place it over the transmitter because you need to remove this in a bit. Once done so, pop the transmitter off the tray, you need to push on the tape at the base of the transmitter whilst with your other fingers gradually lift the transmitter up until you hear a click and then you can slide it about 3-5mm along the tray, don’t remove the transmitter from the tray. Hold it in place for about 10 seconds although I have got away with 5 seconds before. Then carefully slide it back along the tray and click it in place, you should hear a click. Just like you would when you are putting the transmitter on a newly inserted sensor. The reason for not removing the transmitter and to being careful is that sensor just needs a slight knock or move of your arm and it can come out or even bend and get crimped wrong when you slide the transmitter back up the tray to click it in place.

      Then wait, within 2 minutes your receiver should then beep and it should ask you if it’s a new sensor, say YES. If you say NO then it won’t work. Once you’ve said YES, it will ask you for the Sensor code. Now this is the same sensor you used before, same code, so it will be the same and the device should already have the last code you entered selected, so just accept that code. Then wait or the regular warm-up time like you would with a new sensor.

      If all is good you may get another 5 days out of it. Some times I found sensors would only last for 7-8 days before receiving a sensor error. Once you start to receive sensor errors you may be able to get sporadic use out of it for another 12-24 hours before the sensor dies completely and then you just remove it, and insert a new sensor like you would after the 5 day period.

      Hope that helps!

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