FreeStyle Navigator II pricing in the UK

FreeStyle Navigator III thought it was worth mentioning the Abbot FreeStyle Navigator pricing in the UK.

  • £450 for the Receiver (2 year warranty)
  • £500 for the Transmitter (1 year warranty) suggestion is it lasts for 1-1.5 years.

Based on the above pricing here’s what I’ve worked out the per daily, weekly and monthly cost to be.

  • 5 day wear = £10 per day / £70 per week / £304 per month
  • 10 day wear = £6 per day / £42 per week / £182.50 per month
  • 15 day wear = £4.66 per day / £32.70 per week / £141 per month

Bearing in mind that the sensors are only good for 5 day wear, but if you treat them well, add more tape on day 5 then I have regularly managed to achieve a 10 day wear on the last 3 sensors and a 15 day wear on the latest sensor before I made the decision to take it out.  Also the above costs take into consideration that you are going to use the receiver for the full warranty period of 2 years and the transmitter for 1 year before replacing the transmitter.

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3 Responses to FreeStyle Navigator II pricing in the UK

  1. Sarah G says:

    Unless the transmitter is much smaller than before, the Dexcom G4 beats this for us hands down. I LOVED the data from the Nav, but the transmitter was ridiculously large and never stayed on her past a day or two unless I ace bandaged it around her little 6 year old arm. Ugh. The G4 now has the same type of accuracy and data as the old Nav, with a much smaller and better sticking transmitter. Interested to see if the new Nav has better transmitter size/adhesive.

    • Dave says:

      Bi Sarah, the new transmitter on the Navigator II is about half the size as the old Navigator 1.5 version so it’s a lot smaller. I believe the adhesive was improved about a year ago as I don’t get any problems on the Navigator 1.5 with it not sticking. I’ve just had a 15 day sensor wear and it was still sticking very well to arm, I just decided to pull out the sensor to check to see if there was any infection.

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